It is a typical soup of Portugal cuisine, in particular the city of Almeirim, in the heart of the Ribatejo region, considered the "capital of stone soup."
Considered by many as one of the seven wonders of Portuguese cuisine, it was once considered the soup of poor people because it is easy to 
prepare and is not necessary very fancy ingredients, varying depending on the economic possibilities of each family.

The legend says:
One day a poor and hungry friar, who was on pilgrimage came to a village and knocked on the door of a old folks home, and too proud to simply ask for food, 
showed a stone and said he wanted to do with a soup with her, and It would need only a pot and a little water.The hosts, unbelievers ask: 
- With this stone? We want to see it. That's what the friar wanted to hear...
They let him in and gave him the pot. He put it on the fire with the stone alone, 
and the landlady asked about if he would not need anything else. Then he said that he need temper the soup ... to get better, he asked for a bit of olive oil. 
The woman then offered him along with olive oil, a little bit of salt, and then the friar replied that, good good, it would be a bit of bacon.
Then he said he needed something to thicken the soup, like potato or bean leftovers from other meals ... And so he thickened the soup.
Then he said he needed to give a little more color and flavor to the soup and that way he put the hostess on the run. She grabbed some meat, sausages, 
chispo, coriander etc, etc..
After a while, the soup comes to a boil and began to feel a phenomenal aroma.
After the meal, the old men, looking suspicious to the stone in the bottom of the pot, questioned the friar:
- What about the stone?
And the friar replied with a trickster smile:
- The stone? The stone will now clear it, and will serve to get the next meal.

Stone Soup Recipe:

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