Europe is one of the best continents served by railways, having pioneered the construction of this type of transport.

It emerged in Europe in the 19th-century, during the industrial revolution because of the necessity to find more effective ways to not only transport the raw materials to the factories but also proceed is shipping products ready to be delivered.

The first public railway in the world was opened in England in 1825. In 1830 started massive construction of rail lines that would link several cities , especially in England and continental Europe.

With the advancement of technology , they developed trains that seem emerging from science fiction movies .

We can find throughout the world , trains powered gas turbines , renewable energy or magnetic levitation .

These are the 10 fastest trains in the world at present :

SCMaglev – average speed 320km/h (record 603Km/h) – Japan


TGV – average speed 320km/h (record 575km/h) – France


Shangai Maglev – average speed 350km/h (record 501km/h) – China


KTX – average speed 300 km/h (record 421km/h) – South Corea


Ave – average speed 320 km/h (record 404 km/h) – Spain


Frecciarossa 1000 – average speed 300 km/h (record 400 km/h) – Italy


ICE – average speed 320 km/h (record 368 km/h) – Germany


Italo – average speed 300 km/h ( record 362 km/h) – Italy

YHT – average speed 250 km/h ( record 303 km/h) – Turkey

SJ – average speed 200 km/h (record 303 km/h) – Sweden