The Thoroughbred Lusitano (PSL) is a breed of horses of Portuguese origin, and the oldest western saddle hordse.

This breed, which is thought to be mounted for over five thousand years, has been used in agriculture in battles and today in shows, events, riding schools and even by the police, due to its extraordinary versatility.

The thoroughbred Lusitanian breed evolved from primitive horses existing in the Iberian Peninsula such as resistant sorraia and brave Arabic. The thoroughbred Lusitanian, features natural aptitude for high school (Haute École) and air exercise, revealing not only in bullfighting and classical riding but also in federal equestrian disciplines such as dressage, obstacles, coupling and in particular, riding work, being on a par with the best specialists of the sport.

This race has given rise to other like Campolina is sought primarily by buyers from the north of Europe, Asia and Middle East, with prices that can reach one million euros, the price of five ferraris.

It is a large horse, about 160 cm. The head is medium sized, slender, with fine and medium ears. The eyes have a lively and determined expression. The chest is deep and well-developed side. The shoulder blades are long and strong croup. It is muscular, with rounded lines and comes adorned with a thick mane, long and silky. The Lusitanian weigh about 1100 lbs.